Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Begins!

I'm so excited for March because I took a little time off from knitting, which means I spent my time working on my never-ending scarf instead of something I could finish before the 29th. I was so excited for March to start so I could start my next project. I started knitting Parnassus fingerless gloves today, but I'm thinking I'm going to shelve them for the moment so I can do something I know I'll finish in a few days (must get all the badges!). I've already made one mistake and I'm only 28 rows in. I've just been mirroring my mistake on every row and hoping they turn out looking like it was supposed to be that way. The cuff for these gloves is super narrow; I have to stretch it to fit two fingers in! I'm hoping the actual glove part fits, or else this will be a colossal waste of yarn.

Beginning of right glove


  1. Not after I get started. Still not a fan of casting on using DPNs.