Saturday, March 10, 2012

China Glaze Sale = Slimmer Wallet

I got a free shipping coupon from Sally Beauty so I went over to the website today to take a look. Big mistake. They had all of the Hunger Games polishes from China Glaze on sale for $3.50, and all other shades of China Glaze for $3. So, needless to say... I bought 7 colors. =P As for the Hunger Games Capitol Colours collection, I picked up another Harvest Moon (copper) because I'm so in love with it. I also got Hook and Line (metallic light grey), Electrify (gold and red glitter), and Smoke and Ashes (black with glitter). I was on the fence about Fast Track, but Holly picked it up so I can play with hers! Then I got Dorothy Who? (bright blue with glitter) from the hilariously named The Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, First Mate (navy creme) from their Anchors Away collection, and Fairy Dust (multicolor glitter) from the Fashion Fairy collection. The best part? All of it was $23. Can't beat that anywhere!

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