Monday, January 30, 2012


It's been a frustrating day. Everything external aside, the decreases on the hat took me FOREVER. I knit too tightly on small or short needles (not to mention the fact that I was already frustrated), so wedging a needle into two stitches was like pulling teeth. I actually thought I was knitting two together and lost a stitch without discovering it for a few rows. By the point of its discovery it had unraveled a few more stitches and I had to try my best (which isn't very good) to fix it. There's a little bump there now. Oops! I'm not a fan of the way the hat fits (it's too boxy at the top and therefore doesn't like to stay on my head), and my initial instincts about the earflaps being too small were right. I had a little trouble getting the braids to match up, but I got them there in the end. If I were doing it over again I'd make them longer though. But it's done (yay!) and now I can take a (much needed) break tomorrow and start something new for HPKCHC on the first. Oh, and by the way... I ate my animal crackers and they were delicious! =P


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