Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Spender!

So... I've blown $150 on Knit Picks in the past few days. I think I have a problem! =P

I had already ordered $100, but then I ran out of the yarn I needed to finish my hat. So to get free shipping, of course I had to order $50 more! I've stocked up on 16" nickel plated circulars (which are so much better than the aluminum ones in craft stores) and yarn, including a lot of pretty colors that were being discontinued (and were on sale!). I also picked up Extreme Double Knitting, which I've been eyeballing for a while. I want to learn double knitting, and it seems to have a lot of practical uses for the skill instead of using it frivolously.

One box has already arrived, and I'm anxiously awaiting the next!

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