Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stuffed Things?!?

I've been motivated by my buddies in HPKCHC to step out of my comfort zone, and therefore I've learned to do a lot more in the last few months than I would have otherwise. So when my fellow NQFYs decided to host a Penguin Along for all of the HPKCHC members, I decided to do a real penguin... Not just a penguin design on a dishcloth.

So I got out my yarn and my needles, grabbed a few cotton balls from the bathroom, and I was ready to knit a little penguin. I finished him in less than half a day, although I'm not really sure how long I spent knitting because I wasn't keeping track. Not long after I started, I had my first softie or amigurumi... Whatever you want to call it! He's a little wonky because his eyes and wings are on crooked, and he leans a little when standing... But he looks like a penguin, and that's what counts!

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