Tuesday, April 17, 2012

East Village

This morning, I tried another cheapo polish: NYC in East Village. It looked like a gorgeous teal in the bottle, but man was I disappointed when I used it....

It went on in the thinnest layer I've ever seen and lightly tinted my nail. It was like looking at my nails underwater, minus the water. Which is cool I guess if that's what you're looking for, but if I spend that much time doing my nails I want it to be substantial. So instead of putting on 75 coats, I used what I lovingly call the "pile on" method. I pile on about 4 layers worth of polish and smooth it out as best I can, let it sit a while, and put a final coat on top (followed by a top coat, of course). This gets me through those super thin polishes without making me tear my hair out.

The only problem with this method is that is takes a lot longer to dry because the wet layer is super thick. Which normally wouldn't be a problem... But real life kind of got in the way and I messed them up (that's what I get for doing them in the morning). So I ended up taking it all off anyways, but I got a picture before I did.

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