Monday, July 30, 2012

Hermione's HBP Hat Take 3

I don't know if  you've noticed, but I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. It might be more accurate to say I'm a huge Hermione fan though! I made her cable and lace hat from the 6th movie for the third time over the last couple of days. This time, I made it grey (since that's the color it's supposed to be) and used bigger needles to make it bigger for my ginormous head. You might have guessed, but I love it!

The hat is made with cotton blend yarn so I really hope it won't stretch out much. It's the perfect size the way it is now. The others fit, but they weren't loose enough to be comfortable. I have enough yarn to make another with some left over, but I'm hoping to make matching fingerless gloves someday. I'm taking a break from knitting for a couple of days because I'm burnt out!

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