Wednesday, August 8, 2012

White on White

I've been so into the Olympics that I haven't posted that much recently. That and I haven't accomplished anything worth writing about! But I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and found something I had forgotten to blog about.

I painted my nails with China Glaze's White on White last week so awful results. First of all, I think Liquid Paper (as in correction fluid, white out, etc.) would have done a better job. White on White is watery and runny (my least favorite kind of polish to deal with), so I had to do 3 coats to get it looking good. Add that to the top coat and base coat (for a grand total of 5 coats), and I was done with nails for the day. Then I stuck my finger in something not 5 minutes after all of that and messed one up.... So I took it all off and gave up on White on White. Maybe it will be good for a French manicure one day, but I'm never painting my nails completely white with this again.

Here's a photo. Sorry for the yellow lighting, but I took this with no flash in a room with a sorry excuse for light bulbs.

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