Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emjoi Micro-Pedi

I've been subjected to a lot of QVC in my time (thanks mom and grandma), but I've never bought anything off of QVC until now. I caved and got an Emjoi Micro-Pedi, which is a battery-powered callus shaver. It came in 3 colors, but the blue had sold out. I grabbed the purple because white is boring! I love the color because it's girly but not bright. The best part is, these sell online for $40 but through QVC I got it for $29 (shipping included). QVC also has product videos for this one if you're curious.

I've been rough on my feet over the years. I've worn heels, gone barefoot on all kinds of surfaces, and scraped them all over. I've got some pretty hard and thick calluses, especially on my big toes. I tried a Ped Egg, but it made my feet rough since it was pretty much like running my heels over a cheese grater. Once I even tried clipping the bottoms of my feet with nail clippers (highly painful, don't try it at home kids!). Nothing really worked for me... Until now!

This thing clearly works because you see so much skin coming off while you're using it. Then you're left with baby-soft feet that look and feel better. I'm gradually filing them down just in case, because you can seriously hurt yourself if you take off too much. Still, after the first use I noticed a marked difference between the before and after. I wish I had taken photos of the results! (There are B&A pictures on their website if you're curious.) The machine is so simple to use, and you can rinse it off so it's not like you're using a dirty, gross product over and over.

Another awesome thing I just found out is that there will be an attachable manicure tool available in July. Could I love it even more??